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Pharma Activ Czech s.r.o. is a Czech company that deals with the development, production and marketing of products from the field of healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The experience we have the opportunity to apply in our work, but above all long-term experience gained in global markets and access to the highest quality raw materials imported from ecologically clean regions of Siberia, the Caucasus, Mexico, allow us to offer unique products with maximum effect.

ALOECORP certificate

We are a trademark holder of ALOECORP, a top grower and processor of aloe

For centuries, people have used healing substances created in nature to fight diseases. These remedies were effective, but the mechanism of their action on the human body was not known, therefore, over time, the healing properties of natural products were gradually forgotten. So our society has tried to reintroduce natural methods of treatment and prevention.

Distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

We have been the exclusive distributor of purely natural food supplements in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 2010.

Our products are a purely natural alternative to synthetically produced food supplements, which burden the organism with a whole range of ballast substances and preservatives. By sensitively choosing the composition of their products so that they contain no or only the necessary amount of additives, an uncompromising approach to the quality of selected raw materials and a strict control of inputs and final products, the use of the most modern and most suitable production methods and the constant search for new natural medicinal sources proven by generations, with all that, Pharma Activ Czech s.r.o. guarantees the highest quality of its products.

Long-term research

Our company has created a link between the wisdom of several thousand years old and modern research methods.

We offer products whose effect on human health has been proven based on a series of tests carried out in various laboratories around the world.


We fulfill the customer's requirements so that the product meets his expectations in terms of price and delivery date. Quality is an inviolable parameter that forms the basic pillar of customer satisfaction. Our own development and long-term relationships with the processors of pharmaceutical raw materials allow us to have the entire process under control in terms of time and result.


The market leader not only opens new categories and fundamentally expands the volume of existing categories, it also enters into open negotiations with the market regulator and thus sets new legal frameworks for the content of active substances and their amount in a daily dose.

These experiences gained on the Czech, Polish and Slovak markets allow us to evaluate products on the market with an overlap and also fundamentally help in the development of new and therefore innovative existing products.


The basis of success is many years of experience in the production of dry, pectin, solid and liquid forms. In production, we project the use of the most technologically advanced raw materials and their processing on the most technologically efficient lines.


Private label

The development and production of a private label, whether it is a single product or an entire product line, is a great opportunity for our customers, as they draw on rich experience and thus avoid a whole range of problems that they could not foresee at the very beginning.

Branded product packages for companies, which we prepare and produce even in batches of 300, are an integral part of production. Always to the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

From the first idea to the delivery of the finished product, we are therefore able to meet the deadline within two weeks, all thanks to our own development and production.


Branded product packages for companies are an integral part of production, which we prepare and produce in batches as required, e.g. from 300 pcs. Always to the maximum satisfaction of the customer.


We provide our partners with storage capacity for immediate logistics of 500 pallet spaces and long-term storage of 2,000 pallet spaces, all in defined storage temperatures and humidity for both raw materials and final products.

Your products will thus be quickly assigned to the portfolio of key sellers on the Czech, Polish and Slovak markets, including pharmaceutical distribution, FMCG, e-shops, pharmacies, health food.

The essential advantages of the services provided are direct logistics to business partners in the Czech Republic, Poland and the Slovak Republic. We pick up orders daily, of course everything takes place in the EDI mode. Orders are delivered to our customers by our own transport within hours. We have 5 vehicles on the road daily to meet customer expectations for JIT deliveries.

Brand Maker

Experience and the courage to go our own way allow us to apply all our knowledge and skills with the aim of creating a brand on the market that is unmissable. We succeed in this and we are reassured by the fact that the entire chain of actions that we tirelessly improve and move forward is the right path that leads to success.

Pharmaceutical and medical congresses

It continuously builds brand awareness and strengthens personal relationships with doctors and pharmacists. We are convinced that personal contact, a handshake builds and strengthens a lasting and solid relationship.

Congresses provide a unique opportunity for professional education for a large part of the professional public, and these events are also suitable for business marketing and activities.

Professional education is always provided by a professional authority in the field, a doctor specializing in the given field.


We are an active part of the Czech media space, since 2015 we have been continuously investing in the media and building unique product brands.

Our marketing strategies have evolved over time as our experience has grown. We have the opportunity to work with the best creative agencies, this cooperation also brings us the possibility of direct media buying.

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